Well, we can't exactly file it under Knife Crime 2012, but a 23-year-old Oakland woman who was riding the 22-Fillmore near 16th and Potrero got stabbed in the hand with a fork by a troubled man who perhaps just wanted to show her some creepy love in completely inappropriate ways.

The incident happened yesterday, Monday, just before 5 p.m., while the woman was seated on the bus heading toward the Fillmore. A 51-year-old man named John Stanley boarded the bus and sat down next to her, spreading his legs and getting uncomfortably close. She got out of her seat and moved toward the back door, hoping to get off, but Stanley allegedly followed her and started an argument with her. He apparently pushed past her to get off the bus, and after she pushed back, he stabbed her in the hand with the concealed fork he had on his person.

The victim was taken to the hospital and Stanley, who had tried boarding another bus as he fled, was apprehended shortly thereafter.

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