Before a winner is crowned next week on RuPaul's Drag Race, we implore you to a) you personally see to it that Sharon Needles wins the pageant, and b) buy tickets now (not tomorrow, now) for Miss Needles upcoming July 28th appearance at the Castro Theatre with icon and noted filmmaker Peaches Christ. The two will host a screening of Silence of the Lambs, the Academy Award-winning portrait of a young lesbian FBI agent who befriends an elderly British cannibal who hungers for liver and springtime beans.

SFist asked Christ to tell us why she plucked Needles to join her onstage. She tells us, "I've been watching Sharon Needles on RuPaul's Drag Race and absolutely knew she'd be the PERFECT special guest for our first-ever Silence Of The Lambs gore-soaked theatrical spectacular pre-show 'The Silence Of The Trans.' She's a ghoul after my own black heart who's not afraid to shock and offend. I love her!"

Who doesn't? Oh, right. Nevertheless, she's the fan favorite (and likely winner) for a myriad of reasons up to an including her shocking yet stylish outfits, use of color contacts, Greek Chorus-like asides on Drag Race, incredible legs, and more. So much more.

As for the controversy among some Bay Area queens protesting the show for having nary a San Francisco drag star, Christ explains that Needles is, more or less, one of us. "It's a shame there haven't been any SF girls featured on the show but I really feel like Sharon is one of us; she has become one of us. I can't wait to welcome her to San Francisco to meet her sick and twisted SF fans at her Bay Area premiere."

Neither can we. And neither can you. So grab your tickets. Sharon will also be available for a post-show fan meet & greet and autograph signing in the mezzanine once the film begins. Details below:

What: Peaches Christ and Sharon Needles host Silence of the Lambs
When: Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Where: Castro Theatre (Castro & Market)
Tickets: $25 - $45