A 44-year-old Tenderloin denizen has been sentenced to three years in prison for stalking and harassing a group of French nuns who run a soup kitchen on Turk Street. Dionn Taylor was accused of flashing and generally perving over the nuns, including one incident on the night of his arrest in November when a police officer observed him exposing his pubic area to the nuns through a window into the soup kitchen at 54 Turk Street.

Prosecutors say the chronically homeless man also harassed the nuns on the street, asked to kiss and have sex with them, urinated in front of them as they were walking past, and leaned inappropriately against their van. Taylor's defense attorney says it was all just a misunderstanding, that he didn't lower his pants intentionally the night of his arrest — it was just fashion, they were low-hanging "gym workout" pants. Also, when he allegedly asked to "sleep with" one of the nuns, he was merely asking for a place to sleep.

Taylor got the three years for violating the terms of a plea bargain he made in March, by not showing up for his court date on April 3. Subsequently, he was arrested two days later on drug charges, just a few blocks from the soup kitchen, and he's been in custody since, awaiting sentencing on May 2.

Taylor has previously been sentenced to prison four times, including a 2009 conviction for dealing crack.