SFist's photos of a messier-than-usual aftermath at Fort Mason last Saturday got the right wingers frothing at the mouth, apparently. After the story was picked up by the Huffington Post, conservative bloggers from the Gateway Pundit and Fox Nation seized the opportunity to repurpose a couple photos along with an entirely fabricated story pinning the blame on Earth Day partiers and "Green Activists." Here's how the story appeared on Fox Nation:

Green Activists Trash Park on Earth Day

Happy Earthday everybody! This was the scene at Fort Mason park in San Francisco after Earth Day activists were through partying ....CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

The click-through link leads you right to our original post. In case you were wondering where the scores of Tea Party commenters came from. Meanwhile, over at Gateway Pundit, they've got even more headshaking for San Francisco, which if these folks are to be believed is a city 100% composed of irresponsible and hypocritical Green Activists (emphasis, theirs):

It Figures… Green Activists Completely Trash Park on Earth Day

Leftists will be leftists…

It doesn’t matter if they’re at an inauguration or an annual event praising Mom Earth, they will trash the place and expect YOU to pick up after them.

And this was on Earth Day. Unreal.

To set the record straight here, the people partying on Fort Mason Green last Saturday would hardly identify themselves as part of any particular group that promoted anything other than getting drunk on cheap beer. There was no organized Earth Day celebration, and (perhaps more to the point) the partying occurred on April 21st. Which would be the day before Earth Day, for those keeping score at home.

This kind of blatant fabrication has become something of a trademark move for Fox News and News Corp in general, who seem to base much of their reporting on making outrageous claims and hoping no one calls them out on it. Why, just this morning Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy admitted that he made up part of an Obama quote, so it would sound like a dig at Mitt Romney. And climate scientists recently called out the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal for printing BS about global warming.

Anyhow, should readers find themselves in need of a wildly incorrect interpretation of Saturday's park mess, you can find it right here in Fox Nation's "Culture" section. Stuck between alarmist reports of Mad Cow Disease in California, Victoria's Secret photo shoots, and a picture of the "World's Perfect Face." [Spoiler Alert: It's a white person!]

UPDATE: Note to Fox Nation and its sect members: Here are actual green activists partying on Earth Day in San Francisco.

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