Atheists, the generally religion-averse, and the rest of us who are just goddamn tired of fundamentalist Christians quoting the Old Testament as evidence that the "word of God" is unimpeachable and homosexuality isn't part of the natural scheme of things should enjoy these billboards. Sadly, they are not by any highways just yet. They were created, looks like in Photoshop, by this anti-religion Tumblr fellow. Wouldn't it be fun if somebody put some money toward this cause to post some of these choice nuggets of scripture? Those crazy Armageddon fetishists did it for Harold Camping!

If we had any money, we'd do it. As the poster puts it, "To all those theists who claimed these quotes are taken out of context, let me be the first to welcome you to what black people have had to deal with since the slave trade days, what homosexuals are currently dealing with today, and what anyone who does not believe in the bible has had to deal with since its creation."

[via WOW]