Google Drive launched today, as you may have heard everywhere on the internet. It's like Apple iCloud, or any other cloud-storage thing, only it's a virtual hard drive, and syncs up with your other Google stuff, and its name isn't as pretty.

What does it do? It syncs with Google docs, and it will allow you to easily access Drive-stored files from your phone or anywhere. Will it remember Mother's Day and send flowers on your behalf? Will it remind you you are a good and important person in the world who deserves love? This remains to be seen.

You can have 5GB of storage space for free right now, or you can pay $2.50 a month for 25 GB, or $5/mo for 100GB.

Anyway, when we heard the name, we automatically assumed this was some kind of robot-powered car that was going to free us all from the burden of driving now and forever. That, by the way, is a product we would pay a lot of money for. Take note, Google.

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