Scads of Occupy activists marched to the Wells Fargo offices at California for the annual shareholders meeting. According to ABC 7, "An estimated 400 people are protesting outside " the building right now. "The shareholders meeting begins at 1 p.m. at the Merchants Exchange Building at 465 California," reports SF Appeal, adding, "The march stretched for two blocks, with protesters chanting, 'Wells Fargo, you can't hide, we can see your greedy side!' and 'We are the 99 percent' in English and Spanish."

We can also hear a couple of helicopters hovering above the area from SFist headquarters in SoMa. Numerous reports tell us that downtown traffic is a veritable nightmare. Avoid the area if you can. In the meantime, check out some images from today's protest, or watch Justin Beck's live footage below.

Live broadcast by Ustream

We will update throughout the day.

Update 1:35: A passerby dressed in a business suit was accused by several protesters of assaulting a fellow protester. A brief scuffle ensued. Also, chanters are now echoing, "Wells Fargo has got to die! Hella, hella occupy!"

1:50: Former San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly has arrived. According to Beck, "Chris Daly still sitting inside 300 Montgomery, blocking the door."

2:35: Protesters are now marching the the Merchant's Exchange Building.

5:00: Protesters crashed the shareholders' meeting successfully. At least 8 have been arrested so far.