Data from Massive Health and info using their app the Eatery resulted in this nifty infographic that shows San Francisco eats pretty healthily, especially when compared to other major cities like Philadelphia and Tokyo. According to PSFK, "statistics were calculated from 7.68 million food ratings of half-a-million foods by Eatery users from over 50 countries over a span of 5 months" and while New York was named the healthiest city, San Francisco most popular food was... salad. That can't be right, can it? Not a very good way to win friends. Anyway, here are a few other curious / possibly dubious findings:

  • San Francisco eats 2.4 times more cashews than any other city.
  • We eat 4.4 more Brussels sprout than any other city.
  • San Franciscans consume more crab and sourdough.
  • Caesar salad is out salad of choice.

San Francisco aside, Philly loves some cheddar cheese and bagels, New York prefers arugula and oatmeal more than anywhere else, and Sao Paulo (the healthiest city in the world, it seems) can't get enough kale, papaya, beans, and delicious flax.