Uh oh! The federal Bureau of Land Management has just put Black Rock City LLC on probation, citing a violation of the 50,000-person attendance cap placed on the event last year. The feds say that attendance exceeded the cap on September 2 and 3 of last year, hitting 53,000, and if it happens again the event's permit could be threatened.

Meanwhile, Black Rock City has put in a request to increase the attendance cap to 70,000 over the next five years, and is set to release a report on potential environmental impacts of the increase as early as June. The request came after the event sold out for the first time last year, and after there was much loud complaining across the internet this year over the ticket lottery, which left a lot of loyal Burners ticket-less.

According to the BLM, Black Rock had better comply with the cap this year and keep all the freeloading randos out the last couple days of the fest, or else they face possible suspension or cancellation of their permit in 2013.

But if there's no Burning Man, whatever will become of the quiet and civilized Labor Days we enjoy so much in the city?