Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors agreed to pay out a nearly quarter-million-dollar settlement to the victim of some shoddy street surfacing. The 68-year-old victim of the city's boobytrap was leaving the San Francisco Ballet's season opener two years ago when she stepped in a flooded pothole on Franklin Street and broke both her feet in the process.

The woman, who was a ballet employee (but not a ballerina), was forced to wear a bilateral cast and sued the city for neglecting to warn pedestrians about the hazard to their safety. According to the Examiner, the City Attorney tried to argue that the woman "voluntarily placed herself in a position of peril" by walking on the street, but that argument didn't stick. The $245,000 settlement is compensation for lost wages, medical bills, loss of earning capacity and emotional distress caused by the incident that left her "really fragile".

While we wish this woman a complete and speedy recovery, if you would like your own handsome payout from the City and County of San Francisco (and aren't afraid to hurt yourself in the process) we have embedded a handy map below showing recently reported potholes for you to fall in*. (Disclaimer: Please do not fall in potholes on purpose. Thanks.)

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