On Saturday, the country's foremost group on anti-government paranoia will descend upon Justin Herman Plaza on to protest the national debt. (Pst, it's tax day on Sunday Tuesday, April 17.) Are we talking Occupy? Nope. We are talking tea. Tea party, that is. Angry people of a certain age will travel to San Francisco to spread their arguably anti-American cheer. Join them, won't you?

"Unlike Occupy, the tea party has a permit to occupy the park. Organizers paid The City’s Recreation and Park Department $186 for the gathering, which includes 10 tea party groups from around the Bay Area," reports SF Examiner. "The events will feature speeches, singing and dancing from groups with names such as America’s Budget DefiCettes, a Rockettes-style dance line displaying the number of zeros in the national debt."

The group will throw down a "good old-fashioned finger-wagging" with commemorative "NObama 2012" foam fingers, explained TP organizer Sally Zelikovsky. It's also pretty cool that they're protesting in what many assume to be ground zero for socialism. So, you know, kudos to you, tea bags. Seriously. (Aside: Shouldn't Occupy and Tea Party come together for this day? Since both parties are concerned about the debt and stuff like that? It can be like some sort of bougie Crips-Bloods truce.)

Saturday's rally once again demonstrates that, unlike many small-minded crap cities littering this great country of ours, Baghdad by the Bay is open to allowing all types of minds speak freely without fear of harm or a bullet to the noggin. God bless San Francisco.