The sons of murdered Berkeley Hills resident Peter Cukor, who was 67 when he died on February 18 of a bludgeoning with a flower pot at the hands of a mentally ill man, gave a news conference today to express just how unhappy they are with Berkeley police chief Michael Meehan. To save face, the Berkeley police have been insisting up and down that Cukor dialed the incorrect number to report an emergency, which is why police ignored his initial call reporting an intruder as a non-emergency — you may recall that the cops were apparently preparing to deal with an Occupy march that was headed for the Berkeley campus.

Son Christopher Cukor, 37, said he found Meehan's recent statements regarding his father calling the non-emergency number "very disturbing" and said "other citizens should be concerned as well." Furthermore he insisted, "My father called the correct Berkeley police emergency number that is listed on their website." Another son, Alexander, 34, was also present. It sounds like the family is still considering filing a lawsuit against Berkeley police.

Cukor's alleged attacker is 23-year-old Daniel Jordan Dewitt of Oakland, who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. He had shown up in the Cukors' yard that day because he said he was looking for his fiancée, who turns out to be a figment of his imagination. A court ruled last month that Dewitt was not mentally competent to stand trial. Dewitt is the grandson of former Alameda City Councilman Al Dewitt, and he returned to court today to determine which mental institution he would be placed in.

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