George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch captain accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida, found an unlikely supporter all the way across the country in California. As the Smoking Gun reports 49-year-old Lawrence Sekara, owner of Corporate Fulfillment Systems in San Francisco, has applied to trademark the catchphrase "I Believe You Zimmerman" for use on a wide variety of Pro-Zimmerman keepsakes and fashion statements like: beer and coffee mugs, bumper stickers, leggings, footwear, camouflage gear, athletic uniforms and "Button-front aloha shirts.”

The trademark filing — which, we should point out, also allows for "I Believe You Zimmerman"-branded hooded sweatshirts — goes along with the domain name that Sekara also registered for his upcoming pro-Zimmerman webstore. For now, Sekara is keeping his new fashion line under wraps until his site launches in a few weeks. He's not saying yet that there will certainly be "I Believe You Zimmerman" tropical cocktail attire, but he's also not saying that there won't be any "I Believe You Zimmerman" tropical cocktail attire.

So far, Sekara has sunk about $5,000 of his own dollars in to the worst startup idea in recent memory. Sekara also plans to share some of the proceeds with the accused murderer, whom he feels has become the victim of a public lynchmob that "jumped to too many conclusions" in the case where an unarmed teenager was shot while holding iced tea and skittles. Sekara told the Smoking Gun he's not concerned about the potential criticism he could get for seeking to profit from the case.

Zimmerman, meanwhile, has his own crappy website where he is currently taking donations for his legal defense.

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