The following post is from our advertiser, Corona Extra.

How's your Wednesday so far? The bad news is, it's raining. You probably have a bunch of work to catch up on, you spilled coffee on your shirt this morning, and you have a pounding headache. OK, maybe you aren't experiencing all, or any, of these unfortunate things. But regardless, we're sure you'd much rather be relaxing on a beach in Mexico with an icy cold Corona Extra in your hand.

Corona Extra partnered with popular L.A. based band Everest to bring a fresh take to the "Find Your beach" campaign. Shot in an L.A. theater and on location at the Corona beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico, the spot features Everest's enigmatic song, "Let Go." It proves for us once again that when you grab a Corona Extra, no matter where you are, you can find your very own beach.

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