This being San Francisco, we have a lot of gay bars — and clubs where go-go boys dance in tiny underwear, and drag shows that straight women like to go to, etc. Increasingly, gay bars have become a place that straight people accompany their gay friends to, and there are plenty of gay-owned establishments in and around the Castro (Blackbird, Qbar, Lime to name a few) that play host to a consistently mixed crowd of lesbigay and straight clientele. So, today, some important words of advice for both male and female heterosexuals who find themselves in gay bars, either by accident or on purpose.

Vice provides these handy tips, the most important of which, in our opinion, are: 1) girls should accept that they aren't the center of attention at a gay bar and can't elbow their way to the bar or expect to be served first the way they are in a straight club; and 2) straight men do not need to prove their heterosexuality every second they're standing in a gay bar, so "you can stop clutching your girlfriend like she's some sort of heterosexual life preserver to keep you from drowning in a sea of receptive anal intercourse."

Also, when it comes to go-go boys or the odd stripper in a gay club, the gays would really prefer it if gaggles of girls from a bachelorette party weren't all screeching and gathering around the studs at the poles. "To you it might be one night of misbehaving, but this is our life. Please respect that, and take your high-decibel revelry somewhere that will cater to your 'big day.'"

Thank you for taking this moment to be a little more considerate to your gay brethren and the last remaining, ghettoized havens they have in this world. The end.