Wildly incorrect presidential hopeful Rick Santorum announced today that he is suspending his campaign for the GOP's presidential nomination, the Washington Post reports. Besides being completely wrong about another thing on his run for the White House, the former Pennsylvania Senator will effectively hand the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney by conceding defeat in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today.

While Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul still remain in the race for the GOP nod, neither of them has garnered nearly as much support as Santorum did with his anti-California, anti-porn, pro-sweater vest platform. Although a small majority of "Republican-leaning" Americans reportedly wanted Santorum to stay in the race and he managed to win 11 states during his run, he couldn't escape his own misguided views and lost recent primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and DC. In order to win the nomination, Rick would have needed Romney to fall short of the necessary delegate threshold so he could win over the Republican National Convention this summer.

During his speech this morning, Santorum thanked God and his remaining supporters for what he believes was an "improbable" campaign for President. He told the small crowd he would "continue to go out and fight to defeat President Barack Obama." He also said "against all odds" about three separate times, so it only seems fitting that we let Phil Collins send him off: