In today's second report of footwear-turned-weaponry: Matt Meidinger, bar manager for Jasper's Corner Tap, found himself on the wrong end of a shoe when this belligerent blonde allegedly cracked his skull open with her heel last Saturday night. After the woman fled the scene with "her goon" in a taxi cab, Meidinger ended up spending a night in the emergency room getting fixed up and is now offering a $500 reward for anyone who can successfully identify the drunk gal or her accomplice.

We should point out that the woman is, of course, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law regardless of any bounty on her head.

Still, after last month's senseless last call attack on Polk Street a more sensational publication than ours might hint at a startling increase in closing time violence at local bars. The fact that Jasper's serves Negronis on tap likewise has probably nothing to do with this woman's state of inebriation, as we're sure the bar's staff is trained not to overserve per the usual California ABC regulations. (Also, please don't take away Negronis on tap. We happen to like our classic cocktails served with minimal hassle.) [See update below.]

Meidinger's Twitter message:

Update: Ahem. In a lengthy update mailed in to Grubstreet, Meidinger explains the incident didn't actually happen at his place of work — rather, he was using Jasper's massive twitter following (note: not actually massive) to find this woman who allegedly caused a big scene over a pair of Louboutin's outside of Balboa Cafe in the Marina. Aside from the blood-drawing footwear, Meidinger also claims he was attacked by the gal's two surly manfriends who "ran around punching whoever she pointed at" and threw his phone across the street when he tried to call the cops. The woman, however, does remain unidentified for the time being.

via: [GrubStreetSF]