Today on Anderson Cooper's talk show he brought on Animal Planet's John Fulton and animal columnist Mary Ellen to show off Nimbus — a very pretty, wide-eyed Persian cat whom Mary Ellen has taught to swim. Did you know that 1 in 1,000 cats dies by drowning? Neither did we, and this is why poor Nimbus was forced to learn how to paddle across a swimming pool and climb out on his own accord.

Then, Fulton sings a little ditty about Nimbus called "Persian in the Pool." (Sidebar: Fulton happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Gothamist writer Jen Carlson, who today tweeted "How am I supposed to win the ex competition when the ex-bf was on Anderson Cooper with a SWIMMING CAT?".) Mary Ellen came to YouTube fame six years ago with this local news segment about her swimming cats, and as a fan of the show "Must Love Cats" she wrote in to see if they wanted to feature her talented felines as well.

Below, the initial segment in which Nimbus is introduced, followed by Fulton's song.

[Anderson Cooper]