How rude. For the third time in four months, the Wells Fargo ATM in the upper Haight (at Haight and Belvedere) was brutally attacked. The ATM was smashed with rocks and the windows were brutalized as well. "At 9 o’clock Sunday morning the screens were broken in with rocks that still lay on the sidewalk nearby, the touch pads covered in broken glass and rock dust," reports Uppercasing. "One of the screens was completely shattered, the other only cracked." Unlike the other times, however, the screen wasn't cracked (as seen in the image here.)

But why is this Wells Fargo getting targeted? Could it be because of the bank's "reprehensible" handling of a mortgage that resulted in a major fine? Does it have anything to do with that Occupy business? Or is it because meth doesn't buy itself? Who knows. It's the Upper Haight.

Anyway, no arrests have been made. Stay strong, Wells Fargo account holders.

Image: Uppercasing