Yesterday, in an attempt to get Internet readers to click on something as many times as possible, ran a second edition of "You know you're a real San Franciscan if you..." Somewhere along the way, an intern picked out this photo of two Muni transfers from photographer Rubin Starset's flickr stream. The problem with that, of course, is that photographers can be a protective bunch (and rightfully so). So, feeling spurned by SFGate's failure to keep his proper attribution intact, Starset did what any good citizen of the Internet would do: he ripped all of the content on SFGate and repackaged it as

FriscoGate is pretty much an exact replica of the site we know and love (cough), aside from the don't-call-it-that contraction — apparently a smirking nod towards the fact that SFGate themselves can't stop calling it 'Frisco.

Anyway, Starset was right to claim credit for his work. (To be fair though, the site did include his flickr name.) And we're not entirely sure how this screws over the Hearst Corporation since the ads on FriscoGate still seem to point to their intended SFGate destinations. But if nothing else, it gave us a bit of a chuckle this morning.

Meanwhile, the offending slide in the SFGate's 50+ page slideshow has apparently been taken down. Whether that's because of Starset's "annoying" email to the paper or because the caption implied that real San Franciscans get their "Muni transfers double punched to get an extra ride later" — not an actual thing anybody has ever done as far as we can tell — has yet to be determined.

[] via [Reddit]

[Note: Because SFGate and the Chronicle are technically different entities, we've changed some our language to reflect that.]