Bravo unveiled a new batch of must-see shows for the fall season. One in particular, Silicon Valley, produced by Randi Zuckerberg, Mark's sister, will take place here in the Bay Area. (Regarding the new series, she told NBC Bay Area, "I'm a strong believer in innovation and entrepreneurship and hope that through this series other people will be inspired to build the next break out companies and technologies.") And like all Bravo shows, Silicon Valley promises to feature a cast of characters that are dynamic, wealthy, unapologetic, insufferable and, with varying degrees of success, camera-ready.

Here they are:

  • Hermione Way (video director at The Next Web and founder of Newspepper): "She is known for her British accent and doing spontaneous things." She looks pretty and windswept. She also looks like someone with whom we would want to go shopping/get drunk. We like her already.
  • Ben Way (founder of Rainmakers): Hermione's sister, "the first kid in Europe, after launching companies at the age of 15."
  • Kim Taylor (Ampush Media): The only Kim we yearn to see on Bravo is Ms. Kim Richards. Sorry, other Kim, but you have very big Jimmy Choos to fill.
  • Jay Holanda (model): Angular, possibly gay.
  • Marcus Lovingood (founder of Futureleap): Two minuses so far: 1) He billed as "a rising star in the film world," and 2) he's from San Diego.
  • Dwight Crow (founder of Carsabi): The only one on the show who can code.
  • David Murray (starting some sort of new startup): According to Business Insider his Google Plus bio says, "he was head of product of Raptr, user experience lead at Atari, and product manager at Google." Also: possibly gay.

Well, we will most certainly be tuning in because we pretty much watch anything on Bravo at this point. While there seems to be far too many men on Silicon Valley for our taste, we eagerly await its comforting glow on our TV. (Jeff Lewis aside, we prefer the lives of women on Bravo to that of the male species; they're vastly more interesting and layered than men. That, and they don't come off as self-conscious or as schtick-y as dudes do on camera.) Look for it this fall.