Brian Luc, the brother of accused murderer Binh Thai Luc, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to drug possession charges stemming from the 28 grams of cocaine they found in the apartment he shared with his brother, which was raided by police on March 25. Both Luc brothers have been in custody since that day, two days after the quintuple murder in Ingleside that left much of a family dead, for which Binh Luc stands accused.

Brian Luc was on probation from an August incident in which he discharged a firearm while driving intoxicated. Prosecutors say they want to call Brian Luc as a witness against his brother in the upcoming murder trial.

The two brothers shared a home on Hayes Street, and police were able to track down Binh Luc so quickly because they found his cell phone number in the phone of one of the victims, Chia Heui Chu, Vincent Lei's girlfriend. Lei and Luc worked in construction together, and it still remains to be seen if the rumor of unpaid gambling debts turns out to be the motive for the killings.

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