The Oikos University shooting suspect has been identified as 43-year-old One L. Goh, a former Oikos student. According to reports, Goh shot 10, killing 7, because he felt picked on by other students for his poor English-language skills. Goh told police that he also "came here with the intent of locating an administrator" after being expelled for "behavioral problems." The attack was apparently planned weeks in advance.

Goh went "through the entire building, systematically and randomly shooting the victims," notes the Chronicle. He lined up students against a classroom wall before shooting them. After the shooting, Goh "stole a Honda Accord belonging to one of the shooting victims and drove several miles to a Safeway store in Alameda, where he allegedly told employees at the customer service desk, 'I just shot some people.' "

Six women ("including a secretary who police say was taken as a hostage by Goh near the front of the school early on") and a man were killed on Monday. They hailed from different countries, including Korea, Nigeria, Nepal, and the Philippines. The victims ranged from 21 to 40 years of age.

A few facts about Goh: he is a Korean national, his brother recently died, he had "major financial problems." He was booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin and will be formally charged on Wednesday.