Given San Francisco's love for whimsical maps and individually frosted miniature cakes, this was bound to happen at some point. Using map tiles designed by Stamen Design using data from Open Street Map, Cups and Cakes Bakery created this edible map of San Francisco on a variety of cupcake flavors. The final masterpiece was individually wrapped in little paper cups and unveiled at last weekend's WhereCamp Geoconference.

As you might expect, the map tiles are gluten, dairy and egg free, so they're safe for even the most restrictive diets in your cartography fan club. And look, they even make the Bayview look sweet:


For more geographic food porn, pop on over to Cups and Cakes Bakery's delectable cupcake blog. And then cross your fingers that we've finally reached the logical conclusion to the local cupcake obsession.

(Thanks for the tip, Sally)

Photo via: Cups and Cakes Bakery