Scheduled to be a free agent after this season, noted baseballer turned fashion icon Matt Cain signed a whopping $100 million contract with the San Francisco Giants, with a $5 million signing bonus. This will keep Cain on the team until the 2017 season. He's contract also comes with a $7.5 million buyout option as well, which brings the whole deal to a $112.5 million value.

Way to go, Matt!

"Ensuring that Matt remained a Giant beyond this season was a top priority for the organization. Matt is an integral part of the team whose performance on the mound will be one of the keys to our success for years to come," Giants General Manager Brian Sabean said in a statement, according to Mercury News.

Cain snaps in half the record of $20.25 million recently set by Tim Lincecum for his 2012-13 deal. Cain is now free to buy all the garish yet adorable argyle pants his heart desires.