Last night's episode of South Park centered around all the fleeting internet memes that make up a part of our collective cultural dialogue these days, however sadly. The episode begins with the boys attempting to get a photo of Cartman "Faith Hilling" (making pretend boobies with your shirt) at a Republican debate, only to have Newt Gingrich call them out the next day in the press for being "so 2000-late" and "pretty stale... If they had crashed the debate by Taylor Swifting, that would have been impressive." As Kyle says, "How can we be passé? We're only in fourth grade!"

Taylor Swifting, a post-Tebowing, post-Bradying meme invented by the South Park guys, involves pulling down your pants and rubbing your butt on the carpet like a dog, FYI. Oh, and then there's a new the old meme involving shoving a cat's head through a slice of bread.

Anyway, memes are totally dumb! And hilarious! And we're all a bunch of morons with too much time on our hands! The end.

Watch the full episode here.