Behold Shitter, the latest entertainment app that will create four rolls of toilet paper out of a chosen Twitter feed. You can choose your own, sure, but that wouldn't be nice. You're a great person. Wouldn't you instead prefer to wipe your bottom sparkling clean with the stank words of, say, disgraced dirtbag Karl Rove, heartthrob turned creepy Hollywood type Scott Baio, or noted domestic abuser Chris Brown? The possibilities are endless.

Shitter is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneurs David Gillespie, Matthew Delprado, and Johny Mair.

"Obviously this is fairly tongue in cheek, but we’re reasonably pleased we monetized Twitter in a way that avoided advertising," Gillespie explained to Venture Beat, going on to say, "We all have other jobs, though would obviously like to make it a full-time thing ... The direction is still settling, but I think there’s some kind of course to chart around just trying to entertain people. I don’t know where the revenue is, it may very well wind up needing to be funded by brands when the right project comes along. I can’t imagine Kleenex having put their name to Shitter though!"

If you want to be the first of your friends to get Shitter, do it now. What with the app's almost overnight popularity, order are sure to, um, back up.

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