When we last checked in on the case against former Contra Costa County drug czar Norman Wielsch and his fame-seeking private investigator accomplice Chris Butler, the pair were accused of selling confiscated narcotics and running a brothel out of a Pleasant Hill office park. Over a year after the case first made headlines, investigators now have a damning piece of evidence — clear video of Butler and Wielsch selling $10,000 worth of crystal meth, wrapped in foil and disguised as a burrito, to a government informant.

As NBC Bay Area reports, DOJ informant Carl Marino went undercover for three weeks, ultimately setting up the exchange of ten grand for a pound of crystal meth. Using equipment from Wielsch's own department, Marino filmed the whole deal going down right in Butler's office. Despite seeming a little bit nervous about the deal, Butler eventually warms up and starts dropping some hilarious culinary euphemisms like "let me see that salad" and "let me get you the burrito."

According to NBC's Jodi Hernandez, Butler wasn't referring to a lunch he just picked up at the taco truck. Rather, he's talking about his product, which he apparently liked to roll up in aluminum foil for easy transport, just like the real thing. Behold NBC's report, with Methburrito appearance at 2:22:

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