Spare $35,800? Or need a date? Because there are few things we love more than this scene from Waiting to Exhale. And this SFist editor would like to personally thank Angela Bassett for bringing it into our world, into our simple life. See, Bassett will join President Barack Obama and actress turned celebrity chef Gwyneth Paltrow on May 9 for a special presidential fundraiser at an undisclosed San Francisco home. Which house? No idea. But it's sure to be an opulent one, we can only assume. And tickets will run at $35,800 per person. (Hey, it beats a BBQ with Toby Keith, Patricia Heaton, and Mitt Romney.)

Pasha and Laney Thornton, Nadine Weil, and Scott Hassan and Allison Huynh will also serve as co-hosts. The night will feature a cocktail reception, Q&A with Obama, a gourmet dinner, musical entertainment, and after party in the private ballroom, photo opportunities, and much more.

We'll update with more info, like RSVP details, as soon as it becomes available. Until then, the invite seems limited to media types and fancy folks. Stay tuned.

In related news, a Waiting to Exhale 2 is in the works, even without Whitney Houston. Hmm.

Update: Though not "taken in" as suggested by one local blogger, SFist was misled by our sources at the reelect Obama campaign. Looks like the even might not be as star-studded as we reported. We regret the error.