Have you always wanted to live your life in front of TV cameras, with a sundry of people ranging from skinny and attractive to skinny and young? Now's your chance: On April 7th, CBS' Big Brother will be interviewing potential hamsters to live in the Big Brother house this summer. If you make it through to the show, lightening-brief fame is yours; if you outlast your fellow housemates, a cool $500,000 is also yours.

What are the requirements? Well, according to the CBS flier, they want people who are "outgoing, intriguing and competitive," "up for anything and everything," the will to exist inside a house "while multiple cameras record your every move and sound 24/7," a bloodthirsty desire to compete for $500,000 "against other players as aggressive and ambitious as you," and that special something. Whatever that may be.

San Francisco Open Casting Call for CBS' Big Brother
Saturday, April 7, 2012
2pm - 5pm
Sugar Cafe
679 Sutter (at Taylor), San Francisco