While Ben & Jerry's Taste The Lin-Sanity hit a mildly sour note upon its release — it initially featured fortune cookie bits, which offended some since Jeremy Lin was born here in 'Merica, so they were taken out of subsequent batches posthaste — their latest flavor, Apple-y Ever After, is sure to make better headlines and be a hit with fans of sweet treats and marriage equality. Actually, it's not really a new flavor, technically. Ben & Jerry's UK renamed their apple pie ice cream Apple-y Ever After "in an effort “to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality." Because, you know, gay marriage is as American as apple pile. Or at least it will be.

They even gave the container a cute makeover, featuring two guys atop a wedding cake. Delightful.

The Ben & Jerry's UK Apple-y Ever After Facebook page has more:

As the government debates whether to legalise same sex marriage, we’ve partnered with gay rights organisation, Stonewall, to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality by renaming our Apple Pie flavour, Apple-y Ever After!

You can help support this campaign by “marrying” someone of the same sex here, where you and your “loved one” will have the chance of scooping a tub of your favourite flavour. (Because everyone is equal and deserves to live Apple-y Ever After!)

This isn't the first time the ice cream purveyors have changed a name of a popular flavor in the name of civil rights. In 2009, they changed "Chubby Hubby" (arguably their greatest flavor, ever) to "Hubby Hubby."

[via Laughing Squid]