With today's news that the under-siege Sheriff took plea deal it looks like this telenovella could be all wrapped up in a week. Now, because forming opinions is hard and we already heard from the Guardian, lets take a look at how the rest of the San Francisco's vocal luminaries feel about today's news (on Twitter, that is).

Over at the Weekly, Joe Eskenazi throws together nearly 800 words about how dead Mirkarimi is. (Hint: Very dead! He's the zombie sheriff now.) Like celebrity obituaries, we suspect the Weekly had this one mostly ready to go for a few weeks, but it's impressively thorough with the details — especially with that whole incident with the panties.

Meanwhile, the twittering masses responded as they usually do — with a mixture of vitriol, outrage, protest and general boredom. There were taunts:

The calls for resignation:

Demands for a recall:

Claims of injustice:

Some guy named Ed Lee had to weigh in:

And, of course, one guy is visibly excited that he's suddenly off the hook for jury duty:

Friend of Sheriff Mirkarimi and noted "too old for this shit" celebrity Danny Glover, meanwhile, declined to weigh in.