While we won't declare knives are the new guns just yet, the city did see two stabbings between roommates this past weekend — one on Friday in Chinatown and a second on Saturday evening in Visitacion Valley.

In Friday's incident, a 32-year-old man stabbed his 43-year-old roommate in the torso repeatedly after their argument became too intense to be settled with words alone. The younger roommate was arrested and the older man's injuries were not considered life threatening. No word yet on whether the argument, which occurred on Jackson Street near Powell, was related to whose turn it was to take out the trash, but we can't imagine a 43-year-old is too happy about having roommates to begin with.

In Visitacion Valley, a 22-year-old woman apparently cut her 32-year-old male roommate multiple times on the forearm after the pair had an argument of their own on Saturday evening. The sharp lady was arrested at the apartment on Teddy Avenue at Rutland Street around 10 p.m. that evening. The roommate toughed it out and refused treatment for the knife wounds.

The two incidents are just the latest examples of roommate-on-roommate violence, which also included a man throwing a pot of hot cooking oil on his roommate after a dispute over the light in the kitchen. This wave of knife crime, meanwhile, has been riding high since the beginning of 2012.

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