President of Israel Shimon Peres will be in the Bay Area starting today to tour several noted technology companies and a temple to boot. Starting today, Peres will visit IBM's research and development department for a look inside the company. He'll also meet with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's Palo Alto headquarters tomorrow to help create his Facebook page, among other things, for his reelection bid.

Tomorrow, the Nobel laureate will visit Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco to deliver a speech entitled Israel and the Jewish People: The Vision for Tomorrow. We have to wonder if Peres will talk at all about his country's increasing tension with Iran. According to Huffington Post, "National security analysts believe Israel's government is giving serious consideration to an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities in the coming months, an action that would trigger a cascade of unpredictable military, political and economic reactions in the region and around the world."