Besides being wildly inappropriate and wholly inaccurate, Rush Limbaugh's attempt at slut-shaming Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke set the political blogs on fire last week. While Limbaugh himself caught plenty of backlash and lost a slew of advertisers, it seems some of his sympathizers on the Right thought they could seize the moment and engage in a little slut-shaming of their own. Enter Jennifer Kerns, a political consultant currently serving as the California Republican Party's spokeswoman, who decided to jump on the slut bandwagon with a cheap shot at another East Coast gal with political aspirations.

Kerns, who sassily describes herself as "The winningest Political PR for CA's last four Statewide Elections" took to her unfortunately named twitter account @CAPartyGirl last week to call out democratic strategist Krystal Ball for having been given an embarrassing name by her parents. As Kerns tweeted on Friday:

Kerns has since apologized for the grade school caliber name-shaming*, saying the comment was meant to be just a joke between gals. What Kerns doesn't seem to remember is that Ball has already been the subject of some controversy: She somewhat famously lost her bid for one of Virginia's congressional seats in 2010 after some old college party photos (which, uh, are kind of risqué?) torpedoed her chances of beating Republican incumbent Rob Wittman. At the time, Ball condemned that act of slut-shaming, calling it "sexist and wrong, regardless of political party," but Kerns' comments probably hit closer to home than she originally thought. On the other hand, as California political blogger Joe Mathews put it, we've been on this subject for so long that, "we are all sluts now."

(*Note: We should point out here that, anecdotally at least, Krystal is a surprisingly common name in Virginia. This SFist Editor, who spent some formative years in the Old Dominion, knew at least two of them in grade school. Cursory Facebook research indicates none of them became strippers.)