Robert Gibbs, a morbidly obese 23-year-old from Livermore who says he weighs "600 or 700 pounds" is hoping a viral video posted to YouTube will help him get the assistance he needs to finally fix his weight problem. Gibbs, whose birthday is today March 2nd, says he needs to lose the weight in order to stay alive to see his young niece and nephew grow up.

Diets and hospitalization have both proved ineffective for Gibbs, who says he always gains the weight back. Which is why he's hoping to harness the power of the Internet to make his video pleas go viral and gain some sympathy from nutritionists, personal trainers or even Dr. Phil.

While we're not generally fans of deliberate attempts at viral meme-making, we do appreciate a good Dr. Phil success story now and then. And if Gibbs can summon the strength to stomp on a car, that would greatly increase his chances viral video success.