The 27-year-old woman who found herself trapped under an N-Judah train in the Sunset yesterday was just trying to get across Irving Street in a hurry when she and her canine companion got caught up in the connector between two train cars. According to the Chronicle's debriefing on the matter, the woman easily slipped over the coupling, but her short-legged mutt couldn't quite make the hop.

When the woman tried to pick up her pooch, the train started moving and dragged her about half a block. Luckily, she only suffered a couple bruises and scrapes in the process. Had she gone under the metal wheels, one police officer explained to the Chronicle, those things would not have hesitated to amputate "any part of her body they'd come across." Anyhow, the dog was totally fine.

We know jaywalking is a common practice in San Francisco, especially out in the sleepy outer districts, but come on — even the N-Judah is going to move out of the way eventually.