Earlier this week it was estimated that the Central Valley's notorious Speed Freak Killers, one of whom recently disclosed the locations of victims' remains to authorities for the first time, had killed about fifteen victims during their meth-fueled sprees of the 80s and 90s. Now, as investigators have uncovered over 1000 bones and fragments from one abandoned well in San Joaquin County, and as they search for a second well described by death row inmate Wesley Shermantine, the body count is rising to at least 20.

They're having trouble finding the second well, however, which Shermantine described as being "a few hundred feet to the east" of the first well, on this property which formerly belonged to Shermantine's family. They're now bringing in cadaver-sniffing dogs to help find the well before digging.

Shermantine began giving up details about the wells and two other burial grounds after being offered a share of reward money by a bounty hunter. Shermantine, who isn't going anywhere, wants the money for things like candy and other treasures of prison life. His co-killer, Loren Herzog, committed suicide last month while on parole after hearing that Shermantine was telling authorities about the wells.