33-year-old Angelic Cisneros, the woman who blew out the windows of her fiancé's Ingleside apartment while cooking up drugs in the bathroom, has been arrested for five felonies, including one count of possession of marijuana for sale and two counts of child endangerment. Unfortunately, the police have yet to give the tabloid-loving public what they want and release which drug, exactly, they think Ms. Cisneros was trying to cook up in her bathroom.

We know the fire was caused by an exploding butane tank, which seemed to suggest the woman had a tiny Meth lab going over the bathtub. But given the marijuana possession charge, her operation may have been more Weeds than Breaking Bad: it seems like she could have been cooking up something as boring as homemade hash oil.

In that case, we imagine the fiancé is extra pissed that his apartment exploded while this woman attempted to cook up something you can actually buy in a store. Waterfall Wellness Health Center, we should point out, is actually one block away from the now burned-out residence and they sell Mr. Nice Honey Oil for a mere $35.

Anyhow, in addition to the pot charges and the child endangerment, Cisneros was busted for recklessly causing a fire that caused bodily harm and recklessly causing a fire in a residence. She also has a history: she's still facing two felony charges for giving marijuana to a minor and three more misdemeanor charges of child endangerment for a 2010 incident in Daly City. After her being booking yesterday, shewas released on her own recognizance until her court date in April.

The injured boy was still in the hospital being treated for burns as of yesterday evening.

Update: The Examiner, who also suspects she was cooking up hash, has more on the bathroom chef's scummy history. Not only is she already a medical marijuana patient and could certainly have taken advantage of the hash oil on offer mere blocks away at Waterfall Wellness, but she also once tried to organize a "Cannabis Farmers Market" at a bar near AT&T Park. She apparently convinced the bar owner to let her throw the event by telling him it was actually a birthday party. At the time she told the Examiner that she only wanted to bring patients and growers together, especially in anticipation of Prop 19, which never passed but would have legalized recreational pot.

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