When Gold Dust Lounge goes away and turns into something atrocious and forgettable that no local need patronize, San Francisco will lose yet an institution. Forever. What makes Gold Dust Lounge so special, at least to us, was its unique location (getting lit on Powell at 5 am), the decor (swinging doors, red velvet, Knott's Berry Farm-ishness), the scene (mix of old young, tourist and local all jonesing for booze), and sosmething one can't quite put a finger on. For those of you too lazy or stubborn to leave the comfy confines of the Castro, the Mission or the Marina, here's what you will be missing once this place is gone.

Gold Dust Lounge is scheduled to serve its last drink on March 6. Au revoir, morning bloody marys.

Photography by The Inadvertent Gardener.

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