With every single potential GOP presidential candidate now targeted by glitter-bombing activists, the Secret Service has apparently had to step in to prevent further acts of craft store terrorism. Last night at a campaign stop in Denver Mitt Romney very nearly fell victim to a second rainbow ambush, but was spared from repeat embarrassment when his valiant new Secret Service protective detail nabbed a would-be glitter bomber in the crowd. Luckily for us here at Glitter Bomb-ist, the whole thing went down while CNN's cameras were rolling.

If you can get past the odd Breitbart logo lead-in and commentary from CNN's crack team of analysts about how "Santorum is in his head", the following video will reward you with soundbite of Anderson Cooper suddenly getting excited — and then immediately bored — by all the commotion. Observe:

Now that the Secret Service is on alert, activists will need to come up with some newer, craftier glitter dispersal mechanisms. Here's hoping the Republican National Convention turns in to one big Ke$ha concert.