The saga of Ross Mirkarimi and the ongoing domestic abuse trial involving his Venezuelan-born wife Eliana Lopez continues this week with Lopez hiring her own lawyer for the upcoming trial, and another hearing scheduled Wednesday to discuss overturning the stay-away order to allow Mirkarimi visitation rights with his two-year-old son, whom he has not seen since January 13. A judge refused to lift the order last week, but agreed to a new hearing this week. Lopez, meanwhile, has retained Paula Canny, one of the lawyers who represented Barry Bonds in his perjury case.

Unlike the lawyer previously representing Lopez, Canny was not hired by Mirkarimi and made a point of telling Matier and Ross ""I was not brought in by anyone associated with Mirkarimi."

Canny has also brought in a couple of other lawyers to help: immigration attorney Angela Bean, to handle any potential immigration issues with Lopez; and well-known family attorney Deborah Wald, who will likely assist Mirkarimi in trying to get the stay-away order lifted this week.

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