Because we are contractually obligated to share every instance of copper wire theft in the greater Bay Area, we bring you the latest report from Benicia where KTVU has discovered evidence that the reprehensible practice of poaching wiring has hit a new defenseless target: California's already underfunded state parks. While the stolen copper wire at Benicia State Recreation Area maybe not be as impressive as stealing an historic church bell or a large pelican statue, thieves in the area have already caused an estimated $30,000 in damage in the past year.

Even more distressing: The bathroom at Dillon Point is currently without electricity, and those state park bathrooms are scary enough as it is. In addition to knocking out the lights in the facilities, the copper thieves have been ripping out lengths of old phone lines around the park. Why no one from the Parks service thought to rip those phone lines out and pawn them off to help keep the park afloat is also something of a mystery.

Finally, in related Benicia copper thefts: at least one state park user told KTVU that neighbors in the area had their wiring ripped straight out from underneath their houses, making Benicia seem even more depressing than we could have imagined.