Your drugs are about to get more expensive! Federal authorities announced the conclusion of a four-year investigation into a large, high-level, West Coast drug-trafficking ring, indicting and arresting 20 people in the Bay Area and another 20 in Seattle in connection with the ring. Eight of the defendants were arraigned in federal court in S.F. Wednesday.

Their names, in case you or your dealer might know them: Antonio Jose Diaz-Rivera, of San Francisco; Jose Evaristo-Rauda, of San Francisco; Fatima Carolina Segovia, of Hayward; Jose Tobar-Galdamez, of Hayward; Fortunato Rodelo-Lara, of San Mateo; Marcos Antonio Flores, of Vallejo; Jesus Almendares-Vasquez, of San Jose; and Javier Antonio Cabrera-Arteaga, of Seattle.

All of the defendants will have hearings of some kind next week. It is unclear what types of drugs were involved, but it was likely a bevy. We only know they were "illegal narcotics."