In a shocking orange-rind twist of unadulterated hate, last night's media preview at Macworld iWorld Expo proved a harrowing experience for your gingified SFist editor. Specifically, this piece of art showcasing a horde of redheads—zombie readheads, mind you—chasing a group of frightened non-reds. And if there's one unfair stereotype that the reds press upon the regulars to stop believing, it's this: We are neither flesh-eating nor undead.

A media colleague—who, out of fear, asked to remain anonymous (if you trace San Francisco's anti-redhead industry, it leads all the way to downtown money and several noted conservative media outlets)—explains:

Saw something tonight at the Macworld Media Preview, and of course I thought of you and took a snapshot. But the moment I took the snapshot, Security started screaming at me for taking pictures and I had to bolt. They caught me and I had to pretend I deleted it. But I still have the picture and it is attached! This is from the South Park Art Gallery at this year's Macworld. This DID NOT come from me.


The print is actually the work phenomenal artist Anna-Maria Jung. And any redhead with an ounce of pride should have it hanging in their flesh-eating room-- er, living room. (It's only $17.68!) It's all a part of South Park Gallery's latest exhibition featuring artists' interpretations of popular episodes of South Park. You can check out this (actually very impressive and endearing) piece of art, called "Night of the Living Gingers," at the Macworld Expo now in progress until Saturday, January 28th.

A clearer image below: