New iPhone 5 rumors popped up this week. Among them? The next generation's iPhone release could come as soon as this summer. It might also (finally!) boast a larger display. Venture Beat reports, "The latest iPhone rumors point to a Summer 2012 launch, a larger form factor, and a possible 4-plus-inch display from LG. The details were leaked by a Foxconn worker in China to 9to5mac — the same source who correctly said an iPhone 5 wasn’t coming out last year."

Should you take these next-generation rumors with a massive salt lick? Yes. However, today's tech gossip seem a bit more credible than last year's rumors that never came to fruition. Mashable notes:

While you should look at all of this information with a skeptical eye, a raised eyebrow and folded arms, the rumor sounds slightly more credible than the junk typically spewed out from Taiwan industry pub DigiTimes. For starters, reviewing various prototypes before deciding on the final production model is a standard practice in manufacturing, unlike many rumors that imply certainty about what something will look like.

Also, the overall vagueness of the rumor (no precise screen measurement, no photos, nothing about the insides) at least gives an appearance of authenticity. After all, if you were just going to make something up, why not be more detailed? There’s certainly no shortage of potential features to choose from.

Also, while lengths and width will maybe, perhaps enlarge, the iPhone 5 will retain the same thickness. Probably. Again, it's all in the rumor stage right now. According to Daring Fireball, it's not in production and that if there was one, it wouldn't be a bigger phone (though it might come with a bigger display.) Anyway, look for the new iPhone to unleash itself upon your wallet at some point this year. Or not. The iPhone 4S, if you recall, was just released this past October. And, yes, most of you will shell out more money for the new one. Just accept it. We have.

Below: While the iPhone 5 won't appear anything like this fantasy prototype, one can dream. Sigh.