The Board of Supervisors rejected two appeals of the America's Cup environmental report yesterday, meaning the event has some smooth sailing in front of it on the way to 2013. The vote was unanimously against (minus Supervisor Olague, who had to be recused) the two appeals that threatened to nix Larry Ellison's big event, but the Board did reject one part of the A-Cup plan: A massive jumbotron floating on a 140-foot barge in Aquatic Park.

The barge would have required sinking large cement blocks as anchors. Obviously sinking large cement blocks where the hardcore like to do their morning swims isn't the brightest idea. Also: there was talk that it would stir up toxic sediment. (Which: gross, you guys swim with toxic sediment?) Anyhow, members from the Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club chimed in at public comment and got the A-Cup folks to cut the floating Jumbotron. At which point they explained they would " explore land-based alternatives for the screen." Anyway, now there's no floating Jumbotron, which is kind of a bummer if you're the kind of person who likes large video screens. Also, floating? That seemed kind of excessive. (In the best way.)

If you're wondering, the original appeals were brought by a coalition of neighborhood and environmental groups including: San Francisco Tomorrow, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Waterfront Watch, Sierra Club, and Telegraph Hill Dwellers.