It's no surprise that a Marin judge Monday ordered accused serial killer Joseph Naso to stand trial for the murders of four women in Northern California, given all the scary photographic evidence of his crimes uncovered in searches of his home and safe-deposit boxes. But today we get news that cold-case investigators are now trying to link Naso to a couple of other murders, including one close to home here in S.F.

The list of ten women that was found in Naso's home, which included the four victims at the center of this trial — Roxene Roggasch, Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons and Tracy Tafoya — also included "lady from 839 Leavenworth," referring to a former residence hotel that Naso managed in the 1980s (the building is now a 51-unit apartment building). San Francisco police are now looking into a number of unsolved murders to see if there is a connection.

You'll recall that former San Francisco resident Margaret Prisco, right after Naso's arrest, came forward with the story of her feeling threatened by Naso when he was her downstairs neighbor in the early 80s. Investigators found that she was Number 10 on his list, and there were three composition notebooks in his possession solely dedicated to her, including photos and horrific details of her intended torture. Prisco and her husband later left the city, and relocated to upstate New York.

Also, the first entry on Naso's list was "girl near Healdsburg," and Healdsburg police have recently exhumed the remains of a woman found dead in 1993 in Foss Creek in Healdsburg. They're taking new DNA samples, but have not identified her.

In his closing statement in his own defense, Naso told the court of the list, "These were people I have worked with in my photography. They were customers." He previously dismissed the photos found in his possession of apparently dead women posed in sexual positions as just his "dark side."

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