We have an update in the trial of Bradley Kleiman, the 31-year-old rich kid who killed a friend in his parents' pool house and single-handedly shook the well-heeled enclave of Hillsborough out of its Xanax-and-champagne-induced stupor. Kleiman entered a no-contest plea Friday as part of a deal with prosecutors, following a blow to the prosecution involving the inadmissibility of some key statements. Now Kleiman will only face a seven-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter, instead of the 40 to life he would have faced for first-degree murder. That's what an expensive attorney gets you, folks!

Kleiman was standing trial for the June 2010 death of 30-year-old Christopher Calvache, whom Kleiman admitted to shooting twice in the head and once in the buttocks. Kleiman called police himself that day to report that he had "accidentally" shot his friend, but he was seen carrying marijuana plants around the backyard when cops arrived, and later told police that the shooting was in self-defense after Calvache brandished his own weapon.

The murder was Hillsborough's first since 2004.