Whoa. Things just got worse for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi as SF Weekly's Erin Sherbert breaks the news that an ex-girlfriend has come forward with similar accusations to those that Ross Mirkarimi is already set to stand trial for. The unnamed woman claims that Mirkarimi "went into a rage about something, grabbed her arms, shook her, and pinned her against the wall," leaving bruises not unlike those observed by neighbor Ivory Madison on Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, on New Year's Eve. Furthermore, it seems she stayed with then Supervisor Mirkarimi until he admitted to her that he had been seeing Lopez at the same time, and had gotten her pregnant.

The ex-girlfriend claims the incident happened in June 2007, and she had not gone to police at the time because she was embarrassed. She's coming forward now in light of the Lopez situation, and told investigators, "I have nothing to gain from reporting this other than to notify the authorities of the history of violence Mirkarimi has towards women." It remains unclear whether any charges can be brought in this case, or if the statute of limitations on the incident has passed. But it sure might make some of Mirkarimi's more ardent supporters begin to doubt their ardent support.

Update: Matier & Ross waste no time in identifying the woman: Her name is Christina Flores, and she now resides in Southern California. According to a law enforcement official close to the case, Flores could be asked to take the stand in Mirkarimi's upcoming trial.

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